Teacher El

Originally from North County San Diego, El Beh has worked with kids, music and cognition nearly all her life. Growing up with a music teaching mom and brother, El started by leading small group workshops when she was nine years old and seemed destined to develop the passion she has for learning through play and playing with music. El started taking violin and piano lessons at 2 years old but over the years, cello became her primary instrument which led to scholarships that helped her move to the Bay Area to attend UC Berkeley. While at Cal, El continued to take music classes and played in the University Symphony and the West African Dance-Drumming Ensemble and received her BA in Theater, Dance and Performance Studies.  Currently, El spends most of her time performing through out the Bay Area theater community and continues her teaching training primarily with Education Through Music through the Richard’s Institute of Music and Research and Brain Gym. Through her training she has come to deeply appreciate programs like Music Together® which provide a rich music environment and the emotional and mental stabilization necessary for children to grow and play their way to their full potential. And oh, what fun it is! She can't wait to share her delight and passion for music and early exposure to help you begin your joyful musical journey with your child.

"I fully believe in the education of the whole child and love Music Together for its emphasis on primary instrument (the body and voice) and the integration of visual, aural and kinesthetic stimulus built into the repertoire. Parents often comment on my contagious enthusiasm and my ability to guide an engaging class with a high silly quotient that still manages to educate both kids and adults alike. They also like how I create a warm and inviting relationship with each child so s/he feels comfortable to explore and play their way through their development. I really treat music as a language that children are best able to pick up not only by passive listening but by interacting, imitating and exploring with their primary caregivers in order to gain context and therefore more complete comprehension. With this in mind I try to create a fun loving, comfortable, safe atmosphere where adults feel free to let loose and experience and make music in as joyful a way as possible. When the children are surrounded with this type of adult modeling they are far more likely to find their own musical voices and develop a positive relationship to music. Through my continued education with the Richard's Institute and Brain Gym I specifically craft the types of movement I use with the songs not only to be enjoyable but to provide the stabilization necessary to develop and maintain their full proprioceptive awareness. I have a real passion for music and art making and the effects that they have on our cognitive and social development and parents tell me that it really shows in my classes and in my interactions with the kids. I believe that by making music-making a priority we are not only teaching our kids about music but about internal motivation, community, regard for self and others, and overall, creating better citizens of the universe."

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