Rhythm Kids Level 1

Teacher Thomas
Thomas' Zoom Class (location info)
Wednesday, 4:30 PM
04/01/20 - 06/03/20 (10 weeks)

(4-5 years old) In Rhythm Kids classes, students explore rhythm by playing with music from around the world. Music Together®–trained teachers lead dynamic classroom activities designed especially for preschoolers and kindergarteners, and the discovery continues at home with the interactive Rhythm Kids videos, easily viewable on our app. As they drum, sing, and move to different rhythms, children naturally build musicality that helps them prepare for formal music lessons. Opportunities to solo, work in ensembles, and improvise support social and listening skills, self-expression, and self-confidence.

Every child needs this program! It is an excellent preparation for ANY other instrument lessons.
Your child's future music teachers will thank you! 

Level 1 is four-and-five-year-olds and newcomers. Focus is on keeping an accurate beat, managing social situations (taking turns, listening to others), and playing music games. There are lower expectations for correct rhythmic accuracy and correct pitch in singing.

Upcoming Meetings
04/08/20    4:30 PM Wednesday 04/08/20 4:30 PM
04/15/20    4:30 PM Wednesday 04/15/20 4:30 PM
04/22/20    4:30 PM Wednesday 04/22/20 4:30 PM
04/29/20    4:30 PM Wednesday 04/29/20 4:30 PM
05/06/20    4:30 PM Wednesday 05/06/20 4:30 PM
05/13/20    4:30 PM Wednesday 05/13/20 4:30 PM
05/20/20    4:30 PM Wednesday 05/20/20 4:30 PM
05/27/20    4:30 PM Wednesday 05/27/20 4:30 PM
06/03/20    4:30 PM Wednesday 06/03/20 4:30 PM