Djembe Drum For Rhythm Kids

If your child is enrolled in Rhythm Kids, they will need a quality drum to play in class and to practice with at home. Because of our partnership with our instrument wholesaler, we can offer these drums for the best price available. Plus, if you purchase your drum from us, your drum will be waiting for you at your next class meeting!
Freestyle Colorsound Djembes are 12-1/2″ high with a durable 7″ synthetic head. Each djembe is made from a lightweight, synthetic shell material, making them ideal for music educators and drum circle enthusiasts. Toca’s Freestyle Colorsound Djembes are fun to play, and, like all Toca drums, they sound great. Lightweight, durable and moisture resistant, they are great for a classroom of students or any gathering.

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$ 45.00