Teacher Victoria

Honey-voiced, with a personality as sweet as her smile, Victoria loves sharing musicality — to enrich the quality of life of those young and old and to brighten lives one song at a time.

Victoria grew up in a musical household, daughter of a recording engineer and an early-childhood-educator, and has been singing since before she could talk. She sang with the Toronto Children’s Chorus, and entered her 20s as a children’s vocal director at a community theatre with productions in Toronto, Los Angeles, and New York City. 

Passionate about developmental psychology and the neuroscience of music, Victoria moved on from musical theatre to study psychology and cognitive science at the University of Toronto, then transitioned into a career in music advertising, developing early digital marketing campaigns for artists such as Herbie Hancock, Beyoncé, and The Doors.

Victoria retired from marketing after only a decade to return to her musical roots, in the process performing a wide range of styles at an eclectic range of venues—at night clubs in Amsterdam, Berlin, Tokyo, at markets in London, Barcelona, Florence, Venice, and Hong Kong, at a jazz club in New York's Greenwich Village (and other spots from Harlem to Times Square), at Yoshi's in Oakland, at the California Jazz Conservatory in Berkeley, with choirs at Toronto's Massey Hall, Roy Thompson Hall, Convocation Hall, and the Toronto Centre for the Arts, and at Google here in San Francisco.

In Toronto, Victoria taught Music Together® classes, as well as children’s ukulele lessons both privately and at the Royal Conservatory of Music. She is thrilled to be continuing her teaching journey here in San Francisco.

“One of my favourite things to do is sing, and singing with my friends’ children taught me how rewarding it can be to explore the fundamental building blocks of music through the eyes of a child. I was drawn to Music Together® because it’s a research-based program that pushes the boundaries of childhood music education beyond the limitations of Western pop music, with a proven track record of producing well-rounded musicians and bold, creative problem solvers. What I love most about Music Together® is teaching through play. Music is a fundamental part of human existence and is meant to be made in circles — not as a polished performance, but as an interactive, community-building, part of daily life. It's not supposed to be perfect; it's supposed to be fun. Come play music with us and before we know it, while we’re all distracted with laughter and excitement, we’ll all emerge as better musicians.”
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