Drop-ins are a useful option for families who may be visiting San Francisco, who know they will be gone for most of the semester, or who may be joining us late in the semester. Please note some of our rules regarding drop-ins:

  • Each family is limited to 3 drop-ins per semester.
  • No makeups or refunds for any reason, which includes missed or cancelled drop-ins.
  • Drop-ins cost $24.75 each and can't be used with any coupons, codes, or credits. There are no discounts for siblings or purchasing multiple drop-ins at once.
  • Classes with nine or more enrollments are not available for drop-ins. 
  • Drop-in families receive no materials, including our CD, app, downloads, songbook, etc.
  • If you'd like more than 3 drop-ins but don't want to register for an entire semester, you must purchase a set of materials here.

Click here for more information on our rates and discounts.

If your child is already registered in a full semester with us, and you'd like to have their unregistered sibling attend class with them, you are entitled to purchase a sibling pass for this child for only $20.