5-star reviews from our satisfied families:


Music Together® is a wonderful program. I have taken two of my daughters for several years and fully intend to take my third daughter as well when she is 6 months old. The program is rooted in solid musical theory with a philosophy that is very open, creative, and inclusive. The teachers are true gems and come from varied musical backgrounds which makes the experience even richer. Now here is the best part: it is super fun for my kids and me. We thoroughly enjoy every class, we listen to the cd's, we play the songs on our piano and we dance to our own versions at home. I wholeheartedly recommend music together.

Suzanne E. - Google review

We absolutely loved going to Music Together classes when our children were babies and toddlers. The teachers were all so great, and the songs and movements were so much fun, and educational in very creative ways.  It is the best introduction to music that anyone could ask for!
Rebecca C. –MTSF mom

All of our kids have loved Music Together. Our oldest (now nearly 7) …still sings some of the songs she learned about 5 years ago!! Great experience!

James R. – MTSF dad

We have loved the class so much and seen so many benefits in our son from it that we had a Music Together first birthday party for him. It was a huge hit.

Gretchen T. – Oh Baby!

My 16 month-old loves Music Together. The program is very well organized and has enough variety to keep the little ones engaged for 45 minutes.

Meg "MGN" P. – MTSF mom

My son has been participating in Music Together since he was 6 months old.  He is now 16 months old and every time Music Together songs come on, a big smile shows up on this face and he starts dancing.  We love teacher El!  Highly recommend it and amazing to watch their growth.

Karen Z – MTSF mom

I can’t say enough good things about Music Together! My daughter LOVES her weekly class!

Emme F– MTSF mom

My 8 months old son really enjoyed it the music and interaction the teacher plus how fun and entertaining it is... They give you a cd with their music and every signal time i put it on, he gets really happy.

Lupe A – MTSF mom

My daughter loves this program! She has been coming for classes once a week since she was about 9 months old.

C. L. – MTSF mom